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Khalil Tabsh, MD

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Pregnancy is a time of great excitement and expectation, but also a time of potential worry. At Maternal & Fetal Medicine Center of Southern California, Inc. in Santa Monica, California, Khalil Tabsh, MD, provides expert prenatal care to ease your mind, even if you have a high-risk condition. He shows compassion for your unique health needs and answers all the questions you have about pregnancy and delivery. Call the office to schedule an appointment for the best prenatal care available.

Prenatal Care Q & A

Why is prenatal care important?

Even if you’ve had previous healthy pregnancies, you can benefit from prenatal care. Each pregnancy is unique and has its own set of challenges. Prenatal care ensures you receive the correct monitoring and support you need for this particular pregnancy.

What is included in prenatal care?

Prenatal care encompasses the support you need during your nine months of pregnancy. Your relationship with Dr. Tabsh may begin early, with preconception counseling. Once you’re pregnant, however, he dedicates himself to helping you have the healthiest pregnancy and delivery possible.

Prenatal care includes prescriptions for prenatal vitamins that supply important nutrients to support your body and that of your growing baby. He also gives basic advice on which medications and supplements to avoid and suggestions about diet and exercise.

During your pregnancy, Dr. Tabsh monitors your vital signs and the baby’s growth. He also offers appropriate screenings, such as amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling. If he does find any complications or irregularities, he helps you make decisions about how to proceed with your pregnancy and provides care throughout the term.

What should I expect with prenatal visits?

At regular prenatal visits, you will experience:

  • Monitoring of your weight and baby’s growth
  • Nutritional support
  • Screening tests for you and your baby
  • Support for pregnancy-related ailments and complications
  • Help devising a birth plan
  • Counseling for labor and delivery

If you’re pregnant with multiples, you’ll need extra monitoring and care, too. Dr. Tabsh and the team at Maternal & Fetal Medicine Center of Southern California, Inc. are always available if you need extra support and attention due to physical or emotional concerns.

How often are prenatal visits?

If your pregnancy is progressing normally and not considered high risk, you come into the office about once per month. During the second trimester, you’ll come in more often — about every other week. In the third trimester and usually the last few weeks, you come in once per week for evaluation.

Women who have questions, concerning symptoms, or are at high risk for complications may need to come in more frequently. Dr. Tabsh draws up a schedule of visits for you, but feel free to call the office whenever you have concerns.

Give your baby the healthiest start possible and provide yourself with the care and support you'll need during pregnancy by calling Maternal & Fetal Medicine Center of Southern California, Inc. today.