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Hearing that your pregnancy is high-risk can create distress, but know you’re in the best hands with board-certified OB/GYN Khalil Tabsh, MD, of Maternal & Fetal Medicine Center of Southern California, Inc. Women benefit from the specialized skills and expertise of Dr. Tabsh, who offers comprehensive testing and support for any pregnancy that carries additional complications. Call the office in Santa Monica, California, to schedule your consultation and learn more about your options in managing a high-risk pregnancy.

High Risk Pregnancy Q & A

What is considered a high-risk pregnancy?

In most cases, a high-risk pregnancy is diagnosed due to maternal age. Women who are older than 35 or younger than 17 have an increased risk of developing pregnancy complications.

In addition to age, your pregnancy may be considered high risk if you have:

  • A history of miscarriage
  • Pregnancy with multiple fetuses
  • A history of pregnancy or delivery complications
  • Maternal obesity
  • Maternal health problems such as hypertension, kidney disease, or diabetes
  • Genetic factors that suggest complications for mom or baby
  • Unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as smoking or drug use

The vast majority of high-risk pregnancies result in healthy babies and no complications for the mother, but proper monitoring and care support these outcomes.

What special care is needed for a high-risk pregnancy?

Any health problems you have, especially autoimmune conditions, anemia, or chronic disease, can make your pregnancy high risk. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney disease all have specific requirements for pregnancy care. Review these conditions and any medications you’re taking with Dr. Tabsh to ensure he gives you the best, customized support possible.

During a high-risk pregnancy, you’ll have more frequent checkups and evaluations than during a conventional pregnancy. Dr. Tabsh may recommend additional genetic screenings and testing to identify your baby’s risk of developing genetic abnormalities.

If you need help quitting alcohol, drugs, or tobacco while pregnant, Dr. Tabsh can also help.

How can I protect my baby’s health?

During your high-risk pregnancy, you should attend all of your prenatal checkups and screening appointments to stay on top of any complications before they arise. Many potential problems can be prevented, and early detection makes them much easier to manage if they do occur.

Dr. Tabsh helps you understand the importance of good nutrition, as the right foods support your health and the growth of your baby. A diet full of lean protein, fresh organic produce, full-fat dairy, healthy fats, and whole grains supports good pregnancy health. You only need about 200 extra calories per day to support your baby’s growth. 

Dr. Tabsh will also counsel you on the best types of exercise for your condition. He supports you staying as active as possible to maintain good health, but only if the exercise is appropriate for you.

For the best in care during a high-risk pregnancy, call Maternal & Fetal Medicine Center of Southern California, Inc. to set up a consultation today.